Monday, 27 January 2014

Slam Dunk

Inspired by Nigel Slater's recent programme about biscuits we decided to do our very own dunk test to see which biscuit performed best under stringent dunking conditions.

Competitor Biscuits: Bourbon, Chocolate finger, Shortie, Custard Cream (all from the Family Circle Selection Box)

Dunkers: Olly, Jegan, Brian, Shan, John

Dunking conditions: Hot tea, 2 second dunks

Ratings: Two scores out of 5 given by each dunker, one for firmness and one for taste satisfaction.

Our dunkers were: Olly, Jegan, Brian, Shan and John

Total Dunking Scores:
Bourbon - Firmness 15, Taste 17 - Total 32
Chocolate Finger - Firmness 20, Taste 20 - Total 40
Shortie - Firmness 15, Taste 15 - Total 30
Custard Cream - Firmness 16, Taste 19 - Total 35

1st - Chocolate Finger
2nd - Custard Cream
3rd - Bourbon
4th - Shortie

It appears the melting action of the hot tea upon the chocolate of the finger was definitely a winner!

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