Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Global Warning

Christmas spices warm our heart
whilst the ozone layer is torn apart
open fires are part of festive traditions
yet they're adding to global carbon emissions

politicians in Paris
are discussing global warming
whilst India and China's power stations
should come with a health warning

the ice caps are melting
causing the sea to rise
all this pollution
will be the human demise

this is a subject to be taken seriously
otherwise mankind will have no destiny
we must open our eyes and see
let's face it, there's no planet B

Biscuit: Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies
Taste test:  9 out of 10
Cost: £1.00 from Tesco in Brockenhurst

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#Save Headway Soton

Hong Kong bricks
remind Dean of Horlicks
perhaps they'd taste better
if we ate them with chopsticks?

Bricks and mortar are on our mind
plans to demolish our building are cruel and unkind
Suzuki's plot is not so hot,
to turn Headway's home into their parking lot.

A planning application is in
so our fight to save Headway must begin
we'll do all we can to stop it
it's people that count - not profit

Something rotten
is happening in Totton
share this post so that
Headway Soton is not forgotten.

Biscuit: Yogee Oat Bran with Chocolate (they look like bricks)
Taste test:  8 out of 10
Cost: Denis brought them back from Hong Kong

To make an objection to the planning application go to:

and click the button that says 'Make a public comment'.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pointing the Finger

It's too easy to point the finger,
to play the blame game.
It's tempting to shame others,
not put ourselves in the frame.

Blame is a destructive flame,
that burns within the gut,
it destroys tolerance and trust,
keeping the doors to compassion shut.

Accusations without consideration
create resentment and retaliation,
society implodes, bombs explode,
who wants to live in divided nations?

Embrace empathy and love,
no one needs to prove they're tough,
let's all stand together,
peace is enough.

Biscuit: Cadbury's Fingers Salted Peanut Crunch
Taste test:  9.2 out of 10
Cost: Reduced to 95p from Waitrose in Lymington.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015













Biscuit: Chocolate Malted Milk Biscuits
Taste test:  9 out of 10 preferred it
Cost: Waitrose in Lymington, under a quid.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Hansel and Gretel Retold

Come let us tell you a story,
about a boy and a girl,
who lived in a very Grimm world.

They be named Hansel and Gretel,
abandoned in the woods,
like damaged, unwanted goods.

But fear not dear listeners,
so Hansel didn't get lost,
a trail of biscuit crumbs he tossed.

Alas Hansel's plan failed,
the crumbs had vanished,
into the darkness the children were banished.

Suddenly their spirits were lifted,
by the sight of a cottage out of the ordinary,
made from gingerbread and adorned with confectionery.

A cackling witch offered them treats,
but she was far from fair,
so snatched them into her lair.

Feasting on them was her aim,
she sought to fatten them up on sweets,
preferring kids' bones clad in meat.

The sibling's death day dawned,
yet the thought of kid casserole they weren't loving,
so they pushed the hag into the oven!

Biscuit: Favorina Gingerbread Hearts
Taste test:  Yum, 8 out of 10.
Cost: A present from Fiona (Lidl we think).

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Titanic Survival Biscuit

For fifteen thousand pounds it sold,
the cracker that's one hundred and three years old,
it's the world's most valuable biscuit,
part of the Titanic survival kit.

This snack has outlived the last survivor,
shame it didn't prove to be a life saver,
now only the ghosts walk on the waves,
as the bodies lie deep in their watery graves.

Biscuit:  Old stale box of Palmiers - nearly passed their sell by date
Taste test:  Not bad considering their age.
Cost: Cheap - from Lidl a long time ago

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumn's Hue

Autumn leaves pass by our window
a flurry of burnt orange, old gold,
red velvet and rustic brown
the wind blows them to the ground.

A sycamore seed spinning around
in graceful liberation,
to plant itself in the ground
to start a new creation.

Children stockpile horse-chestnuts
before the autumn weather conquers us,
mist mingles with the dew
velvet red is autumn's hue.

Biscuit:  Red Velvet Crunch Creams
Taste test:  8 out of 10
Cost: 99p from Waitrose in Lymington